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This project is inspired by Rob Eisenberg's excellent Caliburn Micro project.

As much as I love the framework - and it is astonishingly good - I wasn't mad on the SimpleContainer code that demonstrated IOC.


This code produces a single, small (~15k) dll that just drops into your WP7 project. Here's how to integrate into a Caliburn Micro for WP7 Bootstrapper:


public class TopBootstrapper : PhoneBootstrapper
        private readonly IMicroIocContainer _container = new MicroIocContainer();
        protected override void Configure()
                .Register<MainPageViewModel>("MainPageViewModel", true)
                .RegisterInstance<INavigationService>(new FrameAdapter(RootFrame))
                .RegisterInstance<IPhoneService>(new PhoneApplicationServiceAdapter(RootFrame));


        protected override object GetInstance(Type service, string key)
            return _container.Resolve(service, key);

        protected override IEnumerable<object> GetAllInstances(Type service)
            return _container.ResolveAll(service);

        protected override void BuildUp(object instance)


Of course, you are not constrained to using Caliburn Micro to use this container - it works just nicely on its own.

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